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This Budget Friendly Couch Hack Will Totally Transform Your Space

And it looks great, too!

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It doesn’t take you breaking the bank to make your house and anything inside it better than before. In fact, there are a ton of people who have managed to stay within smaller budgets while transforming entire spaces, such as staircases or bathrooms, which should give you some idea of what can be done without you having to throw a ton of money into makeovers.

Let’s join Katherine Claire Hill as she shows us how to take an old couch and make it look better than new with just a bit of creativity and access to Etsy!


To start, Katherine has been looking into getting herself a new couch as a focal piece in her living room for a while now. Unfortunately, the couch she was looking at - a brown leather one from Article, was nearly two thousand dollars and thus just a bit out of her budget.

So she decided she’d do something simpler and cheaper but just as good-looking instead.

She started by heading straight to the Facebook Marketplace, where she luckily found a cheap, slightly used Ikea couch for $150 dollars. Said couch fit the general shape of what she was going for, though it had basic grey cloth fabric rather than the leather look she’d been looking at including in her aesthetic. But that was easy enough to change with just a bit of ingenuity!

Katherine was able to find an Etsy store that sold couch covers, and from there, was able to order samples, then get in the perfect cover for her plans. All in all she spent a total of $450 on everything, couch and covers included, and she wound up with the couch of her dreams for a fraction of the price she would have paid had she ordered it!

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