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Woman Shares Hack For Keeping Bugs Out of the House All Summer Long

Totally worth a try.

Who wants bugs in their house? Not us that is for sure!

Luckily there are hundreds of ways, it seems, to keep the pesky critters out and away, ranging from homemade sprays, natural plant pest repellants, and chemicals to simple tricks such as this one we recently spotted on TikTok!


Anna Lanier, the CeoOfRandomness, is the creator who shared this nifty little anti-bug hack with us, and we, in turn, are sharing it with all of our readers!

So what do you need for this hack to work? Some Irish Spring! Yes, the soap popular with many is the trick to keeping bugs out of your household. Just take a bar of the soap and rub it all along the inside of your door or door frame as well as your window frames. Pretty much any area where bugs would be able to come into your home, just rub that bar all over.

We can only assume that the scent of whatever is in Irish Spring soap either drives the bugs mad or makes them just totally want to avoid the area. Now, we’ve heard about this trick before. In fact, gardening enthusiasts claim that you may repel animals like chipmunks and deer by grating a bar of Irish Spring soap and scattering a barrier around your plants. The soap can also be divided into smaller pieces, placed in a pouch, and hung from a pole.

Some commenters are suggesting that you can also do a similar trick using peppermint oil mixed with water and sprayed on your door and in a line along the floor, as the oil will mess with bug’s olfactory systems, making them want to avoid the area. Whether or not it works for annoying ex, however, that isn’t for us to say!