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Woman Rips Out Build-Ins and Creates a Functional Mudroom

A huge upgrade.

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We've all been there: You're in a rush to get out the door, but you can't find your keys. Or you forget where you put your purse and have to dig through everything in the house before realizing it's still at work. 

Or maybe you just realize that your coat closet is so full of junk that it's not doing its job anymore - and it never really did anyway because it was crammed with stuff you don't need on a daily basis. 

It doesn't matter what brought on this realization or what inspired the change, just know this: It's amazing how much better life feels when you do something about those useless build-ins! Let me explain...

Plenty of people were impressed by the update on those outdated built-ins. While others were in love with the decorative choices they made.

"Those [built-ins] come from the family computer era." @Panda122

"I love that you put doors on it and didn’t leave it open like I have seen." @Lynn FPatrick

"Love that you did lockers instead of just a cubby space!!" @user1490592459812

Who doesn't love when they can hide their clutter?

The mudroom is one of the most functional spaces in her new house. It provides a landing spot for everyone's junk -- including sports gear and backpacks -- and enough space for all of the kids' shoes, plus everyone else's (including adult-sized ones). Plus, there is room for guests to hang their coats too.

She designed it this way so she could easily get from point A to point B without running around collecting all her things.

Clean, organized spaces are key to a happy home. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease!

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