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Woman Brilliantly Uses Dead Space and Discounted Wood to Create Gorgeous Built-In Book Shelves

Only a little jealous...

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You’ve seen the beautiful built-in bookshelves in the living room, office, or bedroom. But what about those places where you have dead space? Dead space is any space that isn’t being used for anything else. It could be a wall behind your couch with no TV or a corner of your bedroom where there’s nothing but an old chair collecting dust.

Do you know what you can do with this dead space? You can turn it into storage! Just think about how much stuff you have lying around your house right now—books, makeup, shoes…you probably have plenty of stuff lying around waiting to be put away somewhere. Why not put it in the dead space instead of on display? This way, no one will ever see your dirty laundry again!

The kind of excitement and support in the comments matched ours. We loved this woman's ingenuity.

"My husband is lucky I don’t have any power tool. I would be doing this all day." @TayQue3n

"Most people don’t have massive garage/workshops with all the tools, this is how MOST of us do these things, love it chicas." @MarcusFox29

When you think of built-in shelving, you might envision a minimalist design with a few shelves. Not this woman! She used her imagination and some amazing architectural skills to create built-in shelves that are stunning and functional. Her secret? Using dead space in a room and saving money by purchasing discounted wood that was too short for other projects.

This is an amazing example of using your dead space to create beautiful built-in bookshelves. It shows that with creativity, even the smallest home can have impressive and functional built-in storage solutions!

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