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Woman Finds Strange Slot In Her 1933-Built Home and What It Is Might Surprise You

That's genius!

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If you live in an old house or apartment, you might have noticed that it comes with strange built-in features, such as a music box. If you live in Los Angeles, CA - like myself - and your apartment is from the 1930s, you probably came across some other cool and weird features. Such as built-in vanity tables or murphy beds. 

TikTok creator @discogatorade shares in her video an interesting built-in slot, located in her 1933s Los Angeles kitchen, and she asked TikTok what it's for. Let's find out!

The answers TikTok gave, were hilarious - but some got it right.

Apparently, this slot was built to keep the iron hot! Because next to it, you'll find a built-in iron board, as this creator revealed here. This makes so much sense now!

Let's take a look at what TikTok thought it was.

TikToker @houseontwobitstreet posted,

"The old milk drop box!"

It could be, but there is no other door for the milkman to drop off the milk, so that's a "no."

And TikToker @lord_malort guessed,


Too small!

Another person (@marielarolon29) suggested,

"Yup! That’s a garbage incinerator!"

Also too small for that and it wouldn't go anywhere. 

Finally, some TikTokers figured it out.

TikToker @gus78901 wrote,

"My house was built in 1929 and I have the exact metal box. And built-in ironing board. It’s for the iron."

Yes, this would make more sense now.

And TikToker @calligo88 also wrote,

"It was used to store their hot irons when irons were made out of real iron."

We just learned something new!

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