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Quickly Seal Up Big Mailings Like Christmas Cards or Invitations With Woman’s Genius Trick

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If you have a large family you know what a struggle it is when the Holiday seasons roll around and it's time to mail out your family Christmas cards, or when it's time to mail out announcements or invitations such as engagement photos or wedding invitations.

Picking up each individual card, placing the insert in, licking the seam, and pushing the seam down on the envelope, card after card.

This TikTok content creator @bossbabeexoxo has a genius hack for sealing large amounts of envelopes all at once, cutting your tedious card sealing time down to a fraction of the time.

After stuffing all the holiday cards in the envelopes the woman layers each card one on top of the other with the triangle points of the cards pointing up, and the sealing portion of the cards being layered closely together. Once stacked she uses a kids craft glue stick and smears glue over the entire row of sealing stripes. She grabs a card, folds the glue brim down and keeps rolling through the stack.

This eliminates the struggle of having to seal all the cards one at a time, and makes mailing out items to your loved ones a breeze!

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