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If You're Into Burning Sage, This Man Has a Painfully Obvious Hack For You

I feel like we should have come to this conclusion ourselves...

I love sage and I typically have a bundle of it in my home ready to be burned whenever I see fit. Whenever I deem it necessary to sage my household, I usually light the tip of the bundled let it slowly give what it’s supposed to give. I mean, after all, that’s basically what you’re supposed to do, right?

Apparently not.

Well, there’s not really a wrong way to burn sage, unless you’re not doing it safely, however there is a better way. TikTok conscious creator @vintij shows us how to easily keep more sage around while still burning it just as often as we normally would. Seriously, I’m questioning why I never thought of this smart hack as much as I burn sage in my household, it’s truly an eye opener!


He hilariously begins by calling us “burn the entire sage at once” practitioners out as he pulls a small piece of sage out of his ear, light it and demonstrates how that little piece still produces a large amount of smoke. Simply take a little piece of sage, burn it and let the smoke slowly linger throughout the area. No need to burn the entire bundle when the smallest piece still does the job! He finishes by saying “I doubt you have Lucifer in your room, just use a little piece.” LOL

We love a hilarious and effective hack and so does his followers.

“Your vibe is so bright and shiny,” commented @chante111e. “I love the vibes, they’re immaculate. LOL” another TikTok user commented. Another TikTok viewer commented “as an indigenous person, this is literally how much we usually use when we smudge daily- there is no need to burn a whole bundle lmao."

Clearly it doesn’t take much to still reap the same benefits, but just remember to be careful when doing this hack!