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This Is Your Sign to Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Look how cute these mushroom knobs are.

Home makeovers don't have to break the bank or take a week to finish, they can be as easy as stripping off your old laminate from your kitchen cabinets. However, if you feel like this is already too much work, and you'd rather start a DIY project where you can sit down and relax, TikTok is the place to find inspiration.

A great account is that of TikTok creator @productivetoker, who decided to give her cabinet knobs an earthy little makeover. 


Toxic mushrooms never looked that cute! You can do this while you sit down and relax on your patio or the sofa. Easy peasy! This DIY project of course is only doable if you have wooden cabinet knobs. However, if you don't have wooden knobs, you can certainly buy some, as they are fairly cheap and easily removeable. You can probably even find them and other cool ones at Goodwill or flea markets. For the paint, it is best to use acrylic paint for all wood crafts. This task shouldn't take all too long to finish, but that depends on how big your kitchen is and how many cabinets it has. If your vibe isn't earth witch but more so goth, you can probably turn them into vampires or bats, or even cute little moths. Your ideas can pretty much run wild with this one. 

Looking at the comments, other TikTokers were also swoon away with this shroomy makeover. We feel the vibe!