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This Inner Cabinet Makeover Will Leave You Shook

What a difference a little paint makes!

Being a homeowner has its perks. You can own pets without having to worry about landlord rules or any additional fees, you can invest and build equity, you have more privacy and of course you can decorate your home as you please.

From painting an accent wall to painting the edges of doors, we’ve seen so many cool and subtle transformations that have made a huge difference in the appearance of the home and this latest find from TikTok user @witch_in_the_woo is no exception! She completely transformed the inside of her cabinets and the final look is stunning! It’s amazing what a little paint can do!


We’re so impressed! Adding the wallpaper definitely elevated the cabinet’s appearance so much that we’d want to remove the doors so any house guest can see how stunning it is. Although she didn’t have to add wallpaper to the inside of the drawers, we love that she did — it’s so gorgeous!

Viewers in the comments were just as shook with this cabinet makeover as we were! “I would take doors off! Display all the stuff in a cute way,” TikTok user @gingersnap0723 commented. “omg I love the [wall] paper,” another TikTok user @cwoodificould wrote. “That came out amazing!!” @healinginsoftness commented.

We can add this stunning DIY to our ever-growing list of transformations we love!