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Gardener's Hack For Repotting Ginormous Cactus Is Sheer Brilliance

This is how it is done people!

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Cacti can be intimidating to begin caring for. Even though they are in the succulent family and they are famous for being low maintenance, they can prove to be rather challenging when it comes to repotting. One way to simplify it is by taking the guess work out of it.

One gardener has her cactus repotting method down to a science and truly, she has got it so perfected that we are willing to steal every single step!


First, she takes her giant cactus in the pot it is currently in and put it into her intended vessel, a gorgeous fluted bowl. She then adds her succulent potting mix around it until it's reached the top of her new pot. Then she removes the cactus and is left with a perfect insertion area. What's clutch is she measure the depth of the hole left. Then, she uses a large mixing bowl and pops that over the cactus. She trims the excess dirt to the depth or room left if her new pot, and when she flips the cactus into place it fits flawlessly. 

Aside from being in awe of how simple she made it all look, they were curious about the new put being no-drain. And it's important to note that if you try this hack with a non-draining pot, you have to be sure you know how to control the water and will need to make it an insider plant. 

All in all if you think your cactus is ready for a new house, this is a fabulous method that could keep you from getting poked while you get it done.