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Mom Makes Putting Parchment Paper in Round Cake Pans Easy With Simple Hack

This will save your cake pans and your sanity!

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So if you have spent any time baking, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. Not denying the results, but the timing of everything, the careful (or not so careful) measurement of all of your ingredients, getting together everything that you need to bake the thing, then clean up… it is a lot!

One thing that has always stumped me was round cake pans and parchment paper. No matter how hard I tried I could never get the darn stuff to lay flat or, if I did, it was because I cut it too small and it didn’t reach the edges. But if you are anything like me, fear no longer! We’ve got a TikToker on our side with a hack to help!


Daniela Lisi is our baking savior of the day and we have both her, and her own mom, to thank for this trick. So what you will want to do is get out your baking pan and your parchment paper and a good pair of scissors. Set everything out in front of you where you can reach it easily, then follow Daniela’s instructions!

First, grab your cake pan and flip it over, then take your parchment paper and fold it like a hamburger, and fold it again, but this time like a hotdog. Next, fold up one of the top corners down to the folded edge almost like you are making a paper airplane. This should give you a pointy end as well as a wider edge on the other side. Put the point right in the very middle of your cake pan and then take your scissors and cut right where the edge of the cake pan runs.

Finally, simply unfold your wonderful three-step origami piece and plop it down into your cake pan! It should be a perfect fit and that should save you a lot of headaches!

And don’t get us wrong, we know there are other ways to do this. You could whip out your rusty math skills, you could draw a circle on the parchment, etc. But where is the fun in that?