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There’s a Secret to Eliminating the “Ring Build-Up” in Candles

You won’t waste another candle ever again!
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You walk into Anthropologie and prowl the store looking for something that isnt three digits or higher on the price tag, you walk past a table of candles in super cute jars that you would love to use as a holding container once the candles burns so you justify purchasing it despite the crazy price tag.

After a crazy shopping day and buying way too much to cause you to not look at your bank statement for the next few months you pull that lavender relax candle out of the bag and light it up, sit back and catch up on your Netflix show.

A few hours later you're ready for bed, you blow the candle out, put the lid on and get some sleep. Next morning you open your candle and its shrunken down a few inches in the middle and still at the same height around the edges.

You did not pay that much for a candle that you can’t even get to burn in a consistent manner. Lost and not knowing what to do you put the lid back on and walk away.

If this story hits home all too well don’t fret… @otherland posted to TikTok a candle burning hack that will solve this problem.

As the woman mentions “Timing is EVERYTHING” and chances are the candle did not get to burn long enough cause only the center to get hot enough to melt. One inch of melt means the candle should be burned for about an hour. It is also very important to remember to trim the “mushroom wick” soi your wick has a nice even wick to burn consistently.

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