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DIY Candle Has a Secret Message and It’s Totally Easy to Make

They are in for a surprise when they burn through it!

Candles are one of the best accessories to have in your house, especially since they practically serve a double purpose depending on the type of candle you get. Not only do they smell good, but the containers they come in can also be used as decor as well. And if you make your own candles, it’s even better because you’re able to customize them however you want.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator and candle maker @kuura2. She created a beautiful candle with a hidden message and we love it!


As you can see in the quick video, she used a white tea cup to create the candle that has a hidden message that reads “Happy Birthday, I love you,” in plastic beads. The plastic beads were placed at the bottom of the cup and covered with candle wax and then later decorated with beautiful white, yellow and green flowers and leaves. The candle is stunning and we’re almost certain it smells good, too. We especially love the secret message and so does her followers and viewers in the comment section.

However, there were a few people in the comment section that warned against the use of the plastic beads in the candle because of the potential fire hazard, however she reassured them that it’s a personal candle that she will use, but just wanted to share and we’re glad she did; we want one for ourselves! 

Thankfully, she sells them on her Etsy shop!