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Woman Proves Just How Versatile A Canopy Bed Can Be

Now we want one!

So, we love beds. Loft beds, bunk bends, floor beds, beds that you can hide away all your stuff in or under. Beds are pretty great. We are sure that, at one point or another, you’ve seen a canopy bed. It is a bed that has four tall posters and from those hang fabric.

The history of the canopy bed goes back a long, long way, and was one easy way of helping keep warmth in on cold nights when indoor heating wasn’t yet a thing. But one of the best things about canopy beds, and why we don’t understand why they aren’t more popular, is just how versatile they are, as one TikTok creator points out.


Margaux Crawford is a very spiritual person and that translates into much of her home and decor. And of course this also includes her bedroom, and in that bedroom she has a large four-poster canopy bed. This bed has large swags, and this creator has taken her time to create a video that shows the many gorgeous ways you can set up your canopy bed rather than keep it to one look all the time!

To start, you can always tie the drapes up into cute little knots, which isn’t something many would expect but honestly come out looking pretty interesting! You may just want to make sure you don’t mind a few wrinkles, or that you can steam them out, if you leave them in these knots for longer periods of time.

She also shows off many other gorgeous styles, but you’ll have to head over to watch the full video to see all of the many ways that she has come up with to show off her bed and the drapery. Each and every one is unique and you can make ‘your own’ when it comes to personal style.

Also, as Margaux points out, her sleep has never been better. When she wants more air she can simply pull back the curtains and sash them in place, or if she wants complete darkness, then just pull the curtains down around the entire bed and block out the world! It is a great way of having a space that you can make completely your own even with other people in the house