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People Are Using Their Theraputic Massage Guns to Clean Out Their Cars and It’s Genius

Such a good idea!

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A massage gun, commonly used as a muscle recovery tool, works well to clean car interiors.

Massage guns are typically used by athletes and non-athletes alike as a way to recover from strenuous exercise or physical activity. They usually come with attachments that can be used on different parts of the body (neck, back, arms). When you're finished using it for its intended purpose and have refilled your water bottle at home base (or just plain old thirsty), consider using it as an alternative method for cleaning your car interior!

If you're looking to get your car cleaned but don't want to spend hours scrubbing and vacuuming, a massage gun might be the answer. These little gadgets are designed to vibrate and agitate dirt from surfaces like carpeting and upholstery.

The tools and techniques you need to clean your car will vary depending on what surfaces you're cleaning. But seats and floor mats covered in grime can get shaken loose with some strong vibrations.

Massage guns are also suitable for cleaning other things around the house: clothes, carpeting, and even furniture!

A massage gun is easy to clean your car, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands. It takes just a few minutes and can make a difference in your car's appearance. 

Plus, it's fun! If you don't have access to one of these devices, then try out some other techniques, like using baking soda or vinegar with hot water solution sprayed over surfaces before wiping them down with towels.

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