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NC Woman Makes Stunning Halloween Coffin Shelves Out of Cardboard

The price of this isn’t scary at all!

We may be in the dog days of summer, with cooler weather and Halloween barely approaching on the distant horizon, but it is never too early to get ready for the spooky season! We’ve been gathering different DIY crafts for you to try out in your own home, and today we have got a super cool Halloween decor idea perfect for those who want to add a little bit of coffin-creativity to their homes.


Amber, the creator of ThisSouthernGirlCan, is an avid crafter and she wanted to get a jumpstart on the upcoming holiday season with a bang. Best of all, she’s sharing her ideas and process with us, and we get to pass those ideas, such as this cardboard coffin decor, with you.

So gather up your supplies and follow along as Amber takes on a creative journey! She starts off by cutting some coffin shapes out of cardboard, taping each of its edges down so that it won’t tear or have an uneven edge. Another piece of cardboard, longer and skinnier, is laid down, with the bottom of the coffin side being measured so Amber knows exactly where to create the bend.

The edges of the longer piece are slowly and carefully wrapped around, each angle measured and bent perfectly until they meet all the way around. This creates the raised shape that makes the piece three-dimensional, rather than just a flat piece of cardboard. More tape is added, again to prevent the corrugation from inside the cardboard from showing and to create a smooth, flat shape, before Amber adds small inner ‘shelves’ with more cardboard and some hot glue. Strips of toilet paper are torn and mod-podged down, giving some texture to the coffin before black paint is added to finish off the look of the base.

Amber wraps up the look by adding some fairy lights strung through the back, gluing on some fake moss, and arranging various Halloween decorations on the shelves, including skulls, potion bottles, and more. The end result is both creepy and cool, and it won’t break the bank to create!