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You Can Make Gorgeous DIY Peace Sign Wreath Out of Cardboard

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make a project fabulous

Home decorations are a must for some people. The only downside to some home décor pieces is that it can get quite expensive, unless you’re able to either buy the decorations on sale or find a great DIY tutorial.

Thankfully, social media has introduced us to a ton of content creators that share their tips and easy steps showing us how to create our own beautiful home décor pieces without having to spend a lot of money while doing so. One of our favorite DIY home decorations we stumbled across is courtesy of TikTok user @themysticmommy, who posted a video showing us how she created a beautiful floral peace sign wreath using minimal tools!


for this simple tutorial, she used a pencil to draw a peace symbol onto some cardboard before using a pair of scissors to cut out the design. Next, she simply arranged the faux flowers onto the board before hanging the beautiful finished project onto the wall. While we’re not sure the exact step she used to stick the flowers onto the cardboard design, you can simply use a hot glue gun to apply the flowers.

While the comment section is filled with people who love this beautiful floral design, there are many people who noticed that this isn’t exactly the peace symbol that shows up in a google search, but rather a car symbol instead. “That’s not a peace sign.. that’s a car symbol,” one TikTok user commented. “I have never seen a peace sign like this,” another person commented. “Okay i been saying this for years but i think there’s a mandala effect around the peace sign,” another TikTok user shared. "I'm so confused at the comments bc this is a peace sign I grew up with but apparently it's not a peace sign??” another person wrote.

While it’s up for debate if this is legitimately the peace symbol, one thing is for sure—this floral wreath is beautiful.