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Every Black Friday This Handheld Carpet Cleaner Goes on Sale So Woman Decided to Share Why It’s Worth Every Penny

Consider it added to cart.

It is getting super close to Black Friday, which should pretty much be considered an extra holiday for those of us out there who just love sales and have been waiting all year long for that just-right price drop on the one thing that we need (or just want), especially in prep for the Christmas season just ahead!

Well, we’d like to introduce to you your next Black Friday purchase with the help of the Mom Who Loves To Clean, Danielle! You can totally thank us later.


To start with - this isn’t necessarily something you would want as a present. Unless you like cleaning, that is. No matter the case, this sale is the absolute best thing that you never knew you even needed. The thing in question? The Bissel Pro-heat handheld steam cleaner.

This little handheld is mega-powerful, far beyond its small size, and you can use it in so many places and so many ways. Danielle shows off using it on couches, carpeted stairs, carpets, chairs, and more and the best part about the whole thing is getting to see all the dirty and disgusting water that is eventually poured down the drain. Sure it's icky to think about all that gunk actually in your fabrics, but what is better than knowing that you got it all up and are pouring it down the drain?

(Nothing, in my opinion!)

Best of all, the mix Danielle uses for cleaning is home made, meaning that after the purchase of the Bissel itself you don’t have to worry about using special cleaners. Just mix up a little bit of borax and some Tide with warm water in a spritz bottle, spray down whatever area you are cleaning, then run your Bissel over it, and voila - the cleanest fabrics you’ll ever see!

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