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Easy TikTok Recipe Makes Grimy 14-Year-Old Carpet Look Brand New

This is without a doubt a huge TikTok win.

We sadly tend to be more of a replace it than a "fix it" society. With the easy availability  of Amazon and same-day delivery options, you don't even need to wait for the new thing to come in for more than 24 hours. The truth is though, our home are investments, and they only return what we put into them. Constantly replacing things is far to expensive; if we maintain what we have at least semi regularly, we'll get a lot of life out of them.

TikToker @lowen858 was determined to revive her carpets and breathe a second live into them, so she turned to the social media app for advice. It was there she stumbled across a homemade carpet cleaning recipe that might had done the trick.


Not bad, eh?

The woman explained in the comments that she recently moved in with her boyfriend and wanted to give cleaning them an honest try before phoning it in

All she used was 1 Tide Pod, 1 cup of OxyClean, I cup Bissel Floor cleaner and hot water. She mixed them right into the tank and after giving the space a thorough vacuum, she set to work. The recycled water was absolutely filthy, but even after the first pass there was a market improvement. 

While of course there were a few naysayers, overall, she did an excellent job and with a few more passes, could probably get it perfectly right for her new home.