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Woman's 3 Ingredient 'Guest Cocktail' Removes Pesky Carpet Stains Like Magic

Never stress a spill again.

Making our space warm and inviting has a draw back: People want to actually come over. 

Just kidding; but having guests over means there is an increased risk of accidents happening. Spills just happen to be the number one culprit and they also happen to be some of the toughest to take care of. It's especially risky since you're likely serving beverages like wine and coffee. However, spills need not stress you any longer. 

TikTok hack royalty @home_motivationn recommends making a special "cocktail" before guests arrive so you are ready should an accident happen. And the best part? It's only three ingredients. 


Her simple elixir contains a bit of the abrasive cleaner The Pink Stuff, boiling hot water and a dash of bleach. She mixes that up and dips a wash rag in it. Once she attached it to a pot lid so she has a little extra leverage for scrubbing (also genius, btw) and rubs it in, the coffee or tea stain instantly lifts out. Having this ready to go upon inviting folks over could save a lot of stress and double as a neat party trick.

We live for simple solutions to big problems! 

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