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Woman Makes Her Hairless Cat a Coffin Bed And It Totally Fits

He's totally vibing in it too!

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We’ve recently covered a bit about building some cool stuff for the doggos in our lives, but let’s not forget the cool cats and kittens. (Sorry, we had to put that joke in there!) All laughing aside, we wanted to take the time to spotlight a really cool TikTok creator who has gone out of her way to make the most cat-tastic bed for her Sphynx cat!

And even better, you can make it yourself!


V, of Extravaganza Grotesque on TikTok, has a unique aesthetic, and we are totally here for it. Part of that aesthetic involves her cat partner-in-crime, a hairless cat or Sphynx, lovingly named Crypt. Now, with a name like that, a normal bed just isn’t going to do. So V decided she would just make her little dude a bed, but still give it some flare that would fit in with her overall look.

Essentially, she makes a coffin bed for Crypt the Cat. Say that five times fast and you’ll win the internet for the day.

She starts out by measuring the size of all the boards that she needs, including a base and six raised sides. All boards are then carefully cut to size before she starts nailing them all together to create that traditional coffin shape. A little bit of sanding on the edges and a coat of brown paint to ‘age’ it up come next, followed by lining the interior with some foam and crushed red velvet to make the whole thing extra comfy.

Of course, as much as we love it, there is really only one person’s opinion that counts, or rather, one cat’s. And Crypt obviously gives his paw-print of approval by not only sleeping in it but also nearly refusing to leave! If that doesn’t say he loves it, then we don’t know what does!