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Cat-Dad Builds Elaborate Outdoor “Catio” So Fur Babies Can Enjoy the Outdoors Safely

These kitties are so lucky.

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For cat dads and moms alike, the outdoors is a vast and beautiful world, but it's also one filled with all sorts of dangers. To keep their fur babies safe, some people build special enclosures for their cats to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about predators or other hazards. This dad took things one step further by building an elaborate outdoor enclosure for his two cats—and boy, it looks cool!

If you're a cat owner, you've probably heard of the term "catio." But what is it exactly?

A catio is an enclosed space that allows cats to enjoy the outdoors safely. It can be built in a backyard or on an apartment balcony, using materials like wood and PVC piping. The enclosure can also be made of wire mesh that keeps your fur baby safe from predators but allows them to bask in the sunlight and fresh air. 

In other words: it's heaven for cats! These other cat parents couldn't help share their excitement.

"Cool catio! I built a couple for two of our house windows, but I’d love to do a really nice one like this." @Atheist81

"Nice. My cats would love that but I'd want a screen, too to keep the bugs out of my house." @HeatherSims357

If you do have an outdoor cat, consider building a pet door on the catio instead of the siding on your home!

It turns out that your cat is just as happy to be outside as you are. If you’re willing to put in the effort and make a few simple changes, you can give your fur babies the best of both worlds!