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This Estate Sale Will Make Every Cat-Lover Swoon

She clearly had a love for felines.

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Cats already tend to think of themselves as some kind of gods come to earth, and to be honest, I can totally see why. They’re mysterious and graceful, beautiful and quite independent, and they’ve been worshipped throughout history for thousands of years, even if now most of us just see them as cute, sometimes annoying, house pets.

Well, at least one woman seems to have still considered cats pretty sacred, in her own way, as Camille Lenore found out when she walked through a local estate sale that was pretty much solely dedicated to felines.


So, the first thing that you notice when walking into this estate sale is just how many cat things there are literally everywhere. It seems that the former owner’s entire life was dedicated to just how much she loved cats. There are the requisite statues everywhere, of course, but there are also other pieces both large and small.

From a wall clock that still runs, with cats all over its face, to a hand-painted mural of a whole bunch of cats in a tree, lovingly put onto a closet door, everything screams ‘cats’. Old cats, kittens, cats in hats, and stalking around corners. There are even dozens of mugs with cat heads and faces plastered all over them, and I have to admire the woman’s sheer dedication to her obsession.

Honestly, it also says so much about the woman herself. That there must have, at some point, been a pet that changed her life so much that she dedicated her entire home and atmosphere to the species. I also wonder what she was like, especially at the end, and also if she had any kitties still with her, keeping her warm at the end of her days. Remember, there is always a story behind everything, and learning that story could be the most valuable part of everything.

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