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If You Own a Cat, This is The Perfect Cat Litter Hack For you

This is genius!

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At this point, I believe that thanks to TikTok many DIYers discovered that IKEA furniture is pretty versatile and sturdy, despite what opponents say. Therefore, it can be transformed into anything you could imagine, such as this checkered IKEA bench. What if I tell you that you can even turn an IKEA cabinet into a hidden litter box? 

This will probably only interest you if you're a cat owner, such as Valentina (@valenvallde) who wowed the team of @apartmenttherapy with her litter box hack, as they share in their video.


This is such a great idea! Nobody wants to see a litter box, not to mention smell it. That way it is out of sight - out of mind sort of thing. This works especially well if you live in a small studio apartment and have a tiny bathroom. 

The cabinet used for this project is the IKEA PS cabinet in white. All Valentina did was remove the inside shelf, and cut out a hole on the side to attach a cat door. This helps to keep the cat's business inside, as well as any odors or messes many litter boxes are known for failing to prevent from happening. 

However, TikTok had split opinions on this hack, as users took to the comments section by saying that their cat wouldn't find their way to the litter box, and others said it's a bad idea to keep a litter box in closed areas. One TikToker wondered why Valentina keeps her litter box in her living room. 

I personally think this is genius but to each their own. I am also sure cats are smart enough to find their litter box regardless of location.