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Watch In Abject Horror As Woman’s Ceiling Completely Caves In

It is insane how fast this all came together.

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Many people notice how a lot of things nowadays aren’t as durable and well-made as they used to be. Cars were once made out of metal and are now primarily plastic that easily gets damaged depending on the type of accident, however, they’re also way more expensive. The same can be said about houses, too. Houses cost so much more money than they used to back in the day, but depending on certain factors, they lack integrity compared to some of the older houses.

While we’re not sure of TikTok user @noneofyourbeeswaxnt's home specifications, we’re in utter shock watching how her roof suddenly caved in and collapsed in her living room. We’ve never seen anything like this!


In the quick video, she’s seen walking backwards into her kitchen as she’s filming her living room. What started off a a few large cracks in the ceiling surrounding her ceiling fan quickly transformed into her entire living room ceiling caving in and landing on her living room floor. Surprisingly, her TV and ceiling fan were strong enough to withstand the horrific incident.

The pictures she showed of the aftermath looks like they have their work cut out for them, but thankfully no one appeared to be harmed in the situation.