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People Are Swooning Over This Alternative to Ceiling Fans

It’s SO pretty

This summer has been one of the hottest summers many of us have experienced thus far, which is not surprising, considering the record-breaking heat waves that swept across many areas across the globe. Because of this, people took to social media showing everyone how they kept cool, with some content creators building pools out of old trampolines, and others staying inside while keeping their electricity bill low by placing tin foil on their windows.

Of course those are only some was to help keep cool this summer, but if you’re looking for additional ways to get your house cool if you don’t have ceiling fans or if you’re not a fan of placing tin foil on your windows, this corner fans may just be the perfect alternative!


As seen in the video posted by TikTok content creator @antiquesandpitbulls, this copper corner fan from Home Depot are definitely a vibe! Not only can they obviously help with keeping you cool, but they’re so aesthetically pleasing and complement the décor in her home so well!

Viewers in the comment section are just as in awe with these pretty corner fans as we are. “I’ve been waiting so long for the algorithm to bring this video back around to me bc I forgot to save it last time!” one TikTok user wrote. “I actually really like this idea over the ceiling fan in the middle of the room,” @notkutiel commented. “Love this whole room,” another TikTok user shared. “Well I didn't know I needed them. Thanks TikTok, haha,” @blonde.mama.18 wrote.

We also never knew we needed these. This vintage-style fan is so perfect!