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This Ceiling Painting Hack Will Change Your Paint Game Forever

This makes it SO much easier!

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Even if you like painting your house, and yes, we know there are a few of you out there, there are probably still areas that you have difficulty getting to! Maybe it is the tiny creases in the frame on your door (which we luckily have a hack for), or maybe a too-high ceiling evading all of your efforts.

Well, you are in luck! We have just the hack for you that could make painting your ceilings a breeze and might be your new favorite go-to home ‘hack’!


This creative idea comes to us from TikTok creator Katie Lynn and she, like so many of us, has had to paint her ceilings the traditional way too many times. You sling paint into a rolling tray and then carefully take it up your ladder to sit it on the top while you hand paint or get a long roller that can make it the whole way. But even with a pole, you still have to constantly roll your brush in the tray, which means more chances to sling paint everywhere accidentally if you don’t want it to go.

So what can you do about it?

Well, as Katie points out, you could buy this paint-roller add-on that completely takes out the harder parts of painting the ceiling by turning all that is troublesome into a simple brush attachment!

This attachment starts with a tube you connect with your paint of choice. This tube then attaches to another tube that has a roller brush already attached, and as you watch, you can see the entire ‘arm’ fill up with paint. Best of all, thanks to the trigger at the end of the pole controlling the flow, you are way less likely to sling paint every which way, or put on too much paint where it doesn’t need to go! You can control the flow, not gravity!

We can already see ourselves using this to get our homes freshly painted for the holidays, how about you?