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These DIY Cement Pumpkins Are Perfect For The Minimalist's Fall Aesthetic

...and it's so easy to do!

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Is it safe to assume that pumpkins are the official mascot for the fall season? Whether it’s the spice or the fruit itself, most people rightfully associate pumpkins with the fall season. What we love most about pumpkins is the popular décor piece can be used all throughout the fall season, rather than just for Halloween and because of its’ simple design, you can decorate pumpkins however you wish or you can easily create your own.

Such is the case with these cute DIY cement pumpkins courtesy of TikTok content creator Marcela of @marcelaveronica_. Rather than opt to decorate her home with the traditional orange pumpkins we typically see, she created her own pumpkins using cement and we love how cute and simple they are!


As seen in the quick tutorial, she easily created these minimal pumpkins using few ingredients, including cement, water, a stocking cap and twine. To start off the DIY, she mixed the water and concrete together and created a somewhat thick paste. Once she got the paste to her desired consistency, she scooped the paste into the stocking cap carefully placed on a small bucket. Next, she removed the concrete filled stocking cap and used a few cut strings of twine to tie around the ball of cement to create the lines for the pumpkin. Once dried, she cut off the twine and removed the stocking cap from the concrete with a pair of scissors. To finish off this easy DIY, she placed a moringa seed pod from one of her plants, but as she mentioned in the comment section, you can use a cinnamon stick, a real pumpkin stem, or bark from a tree for the stem as well.

Much like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we love how amazing the easy DIY project turned out!