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Customers Show What They Made During a Ceramic Class and It's Impressive

Wow! Looks like it's from Target!

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Instead of spending money on Christmas gifts, nobody wants or needs, give them something they could actually use, such as a homemade air-dry clay incense holder. Or if you want to get a bit more personal, you could create a ceramic mug with a personal note or positive affirmations engraved. The bottom line is, DIY ceramics are in and store-bought ones are out.

You could also just get your loved ones a gift card to take a ceramic class themselves. So they can create all these amazing ceramics, as TikTok account @ceramicafe shares in their video about what their customers created so far. Take a look for yourself!

I am blown away!

I can't tell if this class is for beginners or advanced crafters but I can totally see some of these clay ceramics being sold on Etsy or at Target! Right?

I love them all! Especially the little gnome and snowman! Or that dragon mug! And all these fun little ornaments. 

Taking a ceramic class is also a fun activity you can do with the family, your kiddos would surely love this!

Another fun fact, DIY clay ceramics not only make a great Christmas gift but also work great as a housewarming gift!

You can just do so much with clay! If you don't want to take a clay ceramic class, where you fire and glaze your final creation, you can also just get air-dry clay and create whatever your heart desires from the comfort of your home.

Yes, it's that easy. 

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