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Here’s How to Make a Ceramic Mug from Start to Finish

We have to try this.

A great idea for Christmas gifts is always something that comes from the heart - or your hands so to speak - such as these cool LEGO clay mugs. However, if you're gifted with your hands and creating things from scratch, maybe working with pottery clay is your calling.

TikTok account @made_with_love_ceramics shares a video of how to create ceramic mugs from scratch using clay. And these are special! Take a look for yourself.

Aren't these cute? I love the positive affirmation each of them has.

You can tell it was made with lots of love and care. 

These ceramics are made out of clay, however, apparently not every type of ceramic is made out of clay. 

The process here involves premade clay that already comes in evenly formed clay balls. And as you can see in the video, they are being formed without a wheel, just the hands and some water to moisten the parts that are too dry. 

First, a hole is made to create a hollow area that eventually becomes the mug. The walls are then being thinned and evened out and the semi-finished mugs are placed on a tray and covered to dry. 

The next day, the affirmation phrase is placed into the mug by stamping single metal letters in. A cute little design of a leaf is also created. And lastly, the handle is made and attached to the mug. The final step includes them being fired and glazed to be food safe.

Such a cute Christmas gift idea.

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