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Give Chain Link Fences a Total Makeover With This Simple DIY Upgrade

This is an Instagram-worthy backyard.

Chain link fences have bordered so many yards for good reason. Their steel material makes them pretty durable, they’re easy to install and they’re quite easy on the pockets.

However, while the aforementioned is true, there is a major downside to having this type of fence - exposure.

Due to the fence’s open weave pattern, a passerby can easily see into your yard, which creates a lack of privacy, and on the other hand, you’re also potentially exposed to random eye sores outside of your yard that may disrupt the relaxing vibe you’d like to have for your home.

But, thanks to social media, in particular @emilywelchstyle, there’s a gorgeous DIY that can help resolve this issue!

In the uploaded video, the boho-style appreciator used faux boxwood panels that instantly created a beautiful, picture perfect look.


Even though she’s still in the process of finishing her patio’s lush décor, you can already see how gorgeous this upgrade is!

“This is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard of. So classy!!” @nubcheerio commented. Another TikTok user @cookingwhilecute said “I hate chain link fences, too! Good job!”

You can leave the beautiful greenery as-is, add string lights to help create a relaxing boho vibe, or add flowers. Any which way, it’ll be a beautiful upgrade your chain link fence!