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Watch Man Use Chainsaw to Make the Most Gorgeous Sink

We can’t believe how stunning this came out.

There are so many different ways wood can be utilized. From the most basic items such as tables, dressers, and chairs, to cabinets and of course houses. Wood is a durable material, that is affordable and long-lasting when treated with care. 

Have you ever seen a wooden sink cut entirely with a chainsaw? No? Me neither. But TikToker @dungx_67 shares in his video how he turned a log of wood into a beautiful rustic piece of art.


I am speechless. It looks so smooth and well executed. You would need a chainsaw to make this DIY project, or hire a contractor and give him your idea, which can be of course customized. All that is really done here is using a template where the sink should be, drawing around the template with a pen, and working the chainsaw to create a hollow area resembling the basin. Next, cut the log in the right dimension (width-wise) of a sink, fill all cracks with Epoxy resin, and then smoothen it out with some sandpaper. Lastly, drill a hole for the faucet, and you are done. Well, not quite. There are still a few steps before the product is finished, such as smoothening everything out, - such as shaving off the bark - and then staining the wood, as well as giving it some shine with a primer, and letting it dry. The final steps include securing the faucet, tailpiece, and stopper, and connecting it to the pipes in your bathroom. 

We love this piece of woodwork.