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Man Shares His ‘Cheapest’ Fence You Can Build Yourself

And truly, it looks stunning

Over the past couple of years, plenty of people picked up all sorts of hobbies thanks to spending more time at home. From starting gardens to DIY’ing home renovations, people developed new interests that have completely changed and upgraded the appearance of their homes and were able to save money while doing so.

Such is the case with TikTok user @aarongould, who took advantage of the extra time he had on his hands to build a sturdy — and according to him, cheapest — horizontal fence. And tbh, this looks like it should have cost way more than what he spent!


As he explains in the video, he spent roughly $1400 to build the 80x30 foot fence. To build this six-foot high privacy fence, he used 4x4 posts that he planted in concrete; in which he mentioned that you don’t have to legally use concrete, but it’s great to do to ensure the fence’s stability. Additionally, he purchased 8-foot dog-eared slats, and used 2x3 wood posts for support, as well as purchasing a lockable gate on Amazon. He also dressed up one side of the fence by adding some white rock, again, not necessary but it adds a nice touch.

Two years later and the fence still looks great. Just like his followers in the comment section, we’re impressed!