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Mom Shares $15 Hack That Helps Create A Calmer Home and Gets Her Kids Attention

This is genius.

I’m sure many adults remember our childhood days when our parents would yell our names from the other side of the house to get our attention for whatever they needed. Depending on how loud they would yell our names, it likely caught us off guard and maybe made us a little nervous depending on the tone. So naturally, some of us parents today may not like taking the same approach with our children and look for other not-so-frightening alternatives to capture our kids alternatives.

Thankfully, TikTok mama @arinsolange shared the most perfect and affordable hack that gets your kids’ attention without yelling and potentially frightening them.


This is such a genius idea! The best part about these doorbells is that you can customize the tones and adjust the volume of them. We like how she was able to easily get each of her kids’ attention in calm tone using the doorbells and some of the people in the comments section appreciate this hack as well. “I love this. As someone with major PTSD, yelling is a huge trigger for me. Brilliant idea!” @emmagugula wrote. “I need this. I just had a baby and my son is 9. too young for a phone. I don't like yelling for him when the baby is in my arms.” @brendlecojocari commented. “Omgosh I want these!!! Love it!” @angelinamarita2004 wrote. “This is GENIUS!” commented.

Other people in the comments may not agree with this mom hack, but we think it’s genius!

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