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Woman Scores Home for $32k And Transforms It Into an Oasis

She made magic!

It’s pretty obvious around here, we love a good ole’ DIY project. We’ve come across some of the easiest DIYs including making a glass mushroom lamp and transforming jars into gorgeous garden lights — both created using Dollar Tree items! On the other hand, we’ve seen quite a few transformational furniture flips that have been both easy and slightly challenging depending on your skill level.

However, this transformation that we’re about to show you is perhaps the most difficult transformation we’ve seen so far! TikTok user @pipercj showed us the before and after transformation of her $32,000 home and after viewing this, she’s definitely winning big in the DIY contest, if there were one! The transformation is jaw-dropping!


How magical is her renovated home?! We love how she created a beautiful and serene oasis after patiently working on the home for a year. We’re stunned at how beautiful her home is! Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on her lovely renovated space. “You polished that into quite the gem. It looks great!” TikTok user @caraboo80 wrote. “What this is so impressive,” another TikTok user @meganciafre commented. “Cries in Portland home prices,” @medicmike5150 shared.

We’re so impressed with her work on this home! It’s amazing what she was able to do with this low-cost home, but she credits living in a small town of 300 people that made it quite easy for her to do.

“You could also get a house for the price of a car if you moved to a town of 300 people,” the creator wrote in the comments.

Uhh, don’t mind if we do! Pardon us while we pack our bags.