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Woman Makes Coffee Table from Ikea Scraps for Under $90

And it looks so good!

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Ikea is a wonderful place for many things. It offers cheaper alternatives to plenty of higher-end furniture stores, often with multiple uses, and if you’re looking to dupe something then you are pretty much going to be able to find it at Ikea, or at least something super similar to it. What this means for you is that, with enough creativity and ingenuity, you can still find ways to dupe and recreate your favorite looks using less expensive products!

Just take a look at what Marileigh Jo managed to do with Ikea ‘scraps’!


So, Marileigh starts off the video by letting us know that her inspiration for this project just so happened to be the CB2 Vale short white concrete table, which, depending on which one you are looking at, can cost anywhere from $600 to $1000. That is obviously way out off Marileigh’s budget, so she decides to dupe it using Ikea scraps instead!

Aka, she has to find random pieces that work for her idea.

But this is still far easier to do with Ikea stuff than it is most things, and this creator was able to find a piece that looked close enough, including one that had a top and bottom and middle ‘box’. One of the flat pieces gets set to the side, so all she is left with is the top flat piece and the box, which are already pre-attached.

This whole piece of furniture then gets flipped over and put in the middle of her room and, strangely enough, it looks like a close enough dupe that we’d never really tell the difference! Marileigh does say that the entire thing is a bit too light for her tastes, but there are a lot of great comments below the video that recommend filling the box with either concrete or a bag of rocks to help hold it in place!

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