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Woman Shares Super Cheap Hack To Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

Doing this immediately.

Eating fruit is so beneficial to our health, especially when we consume fresh fruit. Not only does eating fresh fruit provide us with so many beneficial vitamins and minerals, but it also can help prevent the development of some diseases and cancers and so much more.

Eating fruit is essential to our health, which is why it should be a staple food group to keep in abundance in every household, however the unfortunate fact about keeping fresh fruit around is that it attracts fruit flies and gnats, especially during the hot summer months.

So, if you’re looking for an effective treatment to get rid of those pesky insects this summer, TikTok content creator @bigmamacooks_ recently shared a cost-effective hack that will take care of that annoying fruit flies and gnats problem!


How easy and cheap is this hack?! All she did was pour half a cup of bleach and half of boiling hot water down the kitchen drain, which is where fruit flies and gnats typically lay their eggs. She then repeated the simple step one more time for a total of two times. She does this hack every week during the summer to keep the unwanted insects at bay.

With over five million views, it’s obvious this hack is needed. Many people in the comments expressed their appreciation of this simple hack. “Thought I was the only person having this issue. Thank you,” @kinkyfro wrote. "Okay. I'm gonna try this. Cause I am SICK of these gnats flying around! Thank you!” @creaux1998 commented. “Ok so I am not the only person! I thought I needed to up my cleaning regimen,” @333prana wrote.

Yet again, another hack we’re doing ASAP!