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Add Something Boo-Tiful To Your Halloween Decor With These Cheesecloth Ghosts

Why be spooky when you can be adorable?

When you think of Halloween do you think of all things creepy and kooky? Maybe the season conjures up all the mental images of bats and vampires, pumpkins and black cats - maybe even a ghost or two?

And of course, you want to decorate with all of these , but maybe you also want something that is a little bit more on the cute side? Then you HAVE to check out this super cute cheese cloth ghost created by creator HotPinkPineapples!


Cyn, the all-too-cute creator behind the channel HotPinkPineapples, has a lot of ultra adorable crafts and DIYs you can repurpose yourself for this Halloween season! Best of all she does have a few things that are a bit creepy, but something like this cheese cloth ghost can be used even if you have littles in the house who may not do too well with the more ‘out there’ decor!

You will want to start off by grabbing some plain cheese cloth, a small bowl or glass to help shape your ghost, some balloons, pipe cleaners and, most importantly, a bowl of starchy water. Take your cheese cloth and cut it into sections - smaller sections mean smaller pumpkins and vice versa!

Next, take your cup and blow up a balloon, then use the cup to help give your balloon shape and give you space to work your ‘magic’ on. Check that the cloth is the size you want it, then dunk it completely in the starch. You want it soaked through, so keep that in mind! Use your pipe cleaners on either side of the ballon to give your new boo friend some arms, then drape the cloth over the top of the whole structure.

Allow it all to dry thoroughly, take off your ghostie, and fluff back into place and there you have it - a grand ghost for your decorations! Imagine a few of these floating from fishing line overhead, or put them up on the mantle, they fit in wherever! You could also do what Cyn does and put some flame-less candles inside them to give them that ghostly glow!