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This Hilarious Video Is Why You Absolutely Need A Ring Camera

That chicken is just in love!

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So, I personally don’t think that much about chickens. Sure I know that they are great for picking pests out of your yard and garden, lay eggs that make delicious meals, and might serve as a bit of companionship to people who like birds or just having some little feathered friends running around. But you also have to take so much care of them, especially during the winter, and I’ve never thought to add them to my own patch of backyard.

But one video, caught by TikTok creator Ashlee Weisal, changed my whole view on this (and left me in stitches the whole time!)


The video starts off as a lot of Ring videos do, especially this time of the year, with a hapless delivery driver stopping by and raising the garage door to, nicely, leave a package safe and dry for the homeowners.

Unfortunately for this delivery driver in particular, there is a quite adventurous, and affectionate, house chicken hanging around in the garage, just waiting for her chance to strike it out. The driver drops of the package, and the chicken slowly wanders out and around, as if interested in the man’s vehicle.

What occurs next is a game of catch and return the chicken, time and time again, with the poor delivery driver picking up his new feathered friend, tries dropping them off where its nice and safe, before doing his best to high-tail it back out. Unfortunately for him the chicken follows him every single time, not running off or running away, but obviously wanting attention from the human.

Even trying to secure the chicken and jogging away doesn’t help, and only once the driver starts lowering the garage door and (gently) chucking the chicken back in is he finally free of this attention-seeking critter.

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