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Having Chickens Reduces Your Food Waste, and There’s Proof

A city in Belgium had a pretty unique “social experiment.”

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If you’ve never considered having a few pet chickens around, you may want to start thinking about it. People who have pet chickens are likely already aware of why it’s necessary to have them around, however, if you’re unfamiliar why having a few of them (if you have the space, of course) should be the new “normal,” allow us to explain.

These adorable fluffy birds offer quite a few benefits — and we’re talking more than just providing you with fresh eggs for breakfast. Apparently, having a few chickens around can offer quite a few environmental benefits and thanks to the province of Limburg, Belgium, we’ve learned exactly how chickens can reduce food waste and better the environment.

In the TikTok video posted by @900throadblooms, we learned how residents of a small Belgian town received three chickens per household to anybody that wanted a chicken. Roughly 2,000 families participated in this homesteading experiment and adopted the three chickens under the conditions that they would not kill or give away the chickens for the first two years. As a result, this chicken “experiment” proved to be quite beneficial to both the families that participate and the environment.

In the first month, these chickens helped reduce tons of food waste for entering into the landfills since the chickens would practically eat any kitchen food scraps that were given to them. Additionally, these chickens and hens provided fresh eggs to the families that cared for them.

Furthermore, aside from eliminating waste, this program proved to be quite successful because the families were provided with proper training courses in rearing and feeding and chicken were only provided to families that were suitable to care for them.

Seriously, doesn’t this egg you on to return back to nature and get a few chickens of your own (pun absolutely intended)?

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