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Farmer places Pumpkin in Chicken Coop for Them to “Carve” and the Results are Amazing

Chickens can do more than just lay an egg
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Chickens are valuable animals to have around the farm. Their eggs supply great nutrition, the shells can be used in the garden, their droppings make great plant fertilizer, and they are easy to maintain. 

Not only are they great farm animals to have around, chickens can make quite entertaining pets, and surprisingly talented artists, as farmer and TikTok content creator @itsbreellis found out.


She started out her video with a large orange pumpkin, she used a small knife to scrape the hard skin off the pumpkin, creating an outline of the design and template for the chickens to carve. Once she sets the pumpkin in the chicken coop they instantly go to town and start pecking away at the pumpkin, staying almost perfectly within the lines the farmer sketched on. The end results reveal a classic halloween pumpkin, two big eyes and a side to side grin!

The next time you want to carve a pumpkin but are unsure about what design to choose from or you have a serious case or artist block, try consulting your chickens.