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Apparently a Chopstick Is the Perfect Tool To Tell if Your Houseplants Need Water

Goodbye the days of over or under watering, hello chopsticks.
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Over-watering or under-watering is the most common mistake houseplant owners make. It either goes one of two ways; the first being an obsessor of the soil, standing over your plants, staring at the soil, and adding water every second a fleck of dirt looks dry, or quite the opposite, forgetting your house plants need water, going weeks without a drop and then dumping an entire jar of water on them.

 If you struggle with keeping your plants evenly watered you have to check out TikTokers @ohtheplacesyoullgrow hack for checking your plants watering needs. All you need is one simple tool, and a little time each week.

All you need is one nifty and inexpensive, or sometimes free, tool; a chopstick. The woman shows in her video how she checks if the plants need water. She sticks the chopstick in the dirt a few inches down, and pulls it out. If the stick comes out clean that means the plant is ready for water, if there is some dirt it means it is close to needing water, if the stick is caked in wet dirt it will need some time before watering.

This is such a great hack for all us over, under, and unsure waterers!

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