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Dad Has Perfect Way to Get His Family to Do Chores

Ummm...where do we sign up?

Does anyone else remember getting paid to do household chores? Growing up, it seems like it was such a popular idea for parents to pay their kids to wash dishes, take out the trash, clean their rooms and do other household duties. Nowadays, though, getting paid a weekly allowance to do household work appears to be a thing of the past— or so I thought until I came across this video from TikTok dad @h3ycharlie who recently showed over one million of us how he gets his family to take care of house work and honestly, where do we sign up?!


Okay, so anyone else want to join us to play outside for about five hours or so? We can rollerblade, jump rope, go swimming, I mean for $100 we’ll easily figure out some fun activities. LOL. What a great way to encourage your kids to be more active and get them away from the TV and out of the house.

People in the comments were amazed with this incentive. “Five hours for 100?!?! I’m [going to] live out there, for real,” TikTok user @friendlytiktokspiderman6 hilariously commented. “Hold up- they get PAID to play?” @banana_pie1 wrote. LOL. “You pay kids to do the chores and activities they are already supposed to do?” another user mentioned. Haha. “We use to have to do all that JUST to go outside….” @elruuli shared. LOL, so relatable.

Getting paid to do the things that were expected of us was non-existent in my household. As a matter of fact, like a viewer in the comments mentioned, we would have to do our housework before we received permission to go outside and play. It’s amazing how much things have changed. LOL. But major props to this dad for doing what he feels is best in his household and encouraging his kids to do more inside and outside of their home!