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Woman Dupes Crazy Expensive Christmas Tree 'Collar' For Only $10

$130 for that? No way!

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Seen something in the store that you just absolutely wanted in your own home, but then the price came into view and gave you some sticker shock? It’s happened to us… more than a couple of times. But luckily if there is a will there is typically a way, and that includes duping all sorts of things, including decorations like this Christmas tree ‘collar’ created by Micah of TikTok channel MakeItWithMicah!


This Christmas dupe is one of the best, and easiest we’ve seen. Even better, it takes something that you would have to buy for over a hundred dollars to something that will probably cost you less than ten!

To start, you’ll want to head to your local dollar or big box store and grab two things - a white laundry basket and some thick weave blanket yarn. You will also want some hot glue to hold everything together (trust us, it just makes everything easier!)

Grab your laundry basket, flip it upside down, and carefully cut off the bottom of the basket as well as cut a slit down the back so the ring can be opened and placed around the base of your Christmas tree. You will also want to cut off the bottom lip of the basket, though you could always leave it on if you don’t think it makes it look too ‘baskety’ once all covered up.

Starting on your vertical lines, run a bead of hot glue from top to bottom and lay your yarn down on top of it, holding it in place until the glue cools and firms up. Now, horizontally, weave your blanket yarn through the slats over-and-under, until you reach your starting point again, where you’ll do more hot glue to hold it in place. Keep doing this all around and all up and down the basket for that perfectly weaved look.

And that is it! You’ll have a great-looking collar for your tree for less than ten dollars! (You can thank us later!)

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