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Ohio Mom Turns Kid’s Bedroom Doors Into Apartment Doors Decorated for Christmas

This is a pretty clever idea!

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The combo of kids and Christmas is almost always a good thing. I mean, how many of us have the greatest memories of our childhood that comes straight from the holiday season? Many of us grew up with a great Christmas tradition or something during the season that we still carry with us to this day!

This includes one Ohio mom and author named Kris Renee and her ultra-fabulous way of adding a bit of holiday cheer to her kids’ lives each season!


Now, I’d like to start off by saying that Kris goes all out for her kiddos, but she also doesn’t break the bank to do so. Instead, most of what she is using to decorate is straight from the dollar store, Habitat for Humanity, or something that she already had on hand. The idea is to turn the area where her kid’s rooms are into a semi-apartment building-style hallway, complete with decorating each door to match!

First off, everyone’s door gets a command hook, then Kris adds some gold spray-painted numbers to really give them that ‘apartment’ feel. Garlands and wreaths go up next, most of them from the Habitat, along with beads, tinsel, and a few gold stars. The garland goes up over the door just before Kris uses double-sided tape to hang mini-mailboxes from the front of the doors with gold plates to spiff them up a bit.

Finally, she adds some rugs, also stuck down with a bit of double-sided carpet tape to make sure they don’t slide around, one in front of each of the doors. The end result is absolutely adorable, especially for only $35, and even better, it is all temporary! Kris could take everything she put up down tomorrow and no one would be any wiser!

Well, time to head to our local Habitat for Humanity to see what all I can find to do something like this for my own kiddo!

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