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You Can Make a Home Goods Level Christmas Gnome Out of a Laundry Detergent Bottle

This is the upcycle of our Christmas dreams.

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It’s never too early to start coming up with your Christmas plans. And sure it may still be Fall and there are major parts of our country that haven’t seen snow yet, but that is still no reason to not get into the mood!

So to help you get started, how about showing you how you can make your own fantastical Christmas gnome that you can put out and display using only things that you may already have on hand?


CR_Christmas is a channel dedicated to, well, you can already probably guess what! From decorations to events, recipes, and more - this channel shares them all. Today they are covering how to make a simple yet oh-so-adorable Christmas gnome using a laundry detergent bottle and some fabric scraps!

To start off you’ll want to grab yourself a thinner, small detergent bottle. Or you could hold onto a few different kinds so you have yourself some different shapes and sizes. Clean and dry them all out so you aren’t getting any leftover detergent on yourself during your crafting! Fill the bottle with some rocks and small pebbles to give it some weight so it can’t be knocked over easily, then seal it up.

Next lay out your base fabric, in this case, a grey felt, and hot glue it around your base. Make sure that you are tucking in both the bottom and the top, and cut a little oval to fit the very bottom of your ‘gnome’ so you can hot glue that on the tucked pieces. Then take some white faux fur and cut it into a long triangular shape to mimic a beard, then hot glue that on as well. A round wooden peg can be hot glued on for a nose, then hot glue another scrap of fabric into a hat for your new friend.

Finish your project off by adding a few last bits and bobs to help elevate your little gnome, including some faux Christmas flowers and a pompom at the end of the hat, and there you have it! A brand new little gnome decoration that won’t break the bank!