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Woman Makes Giant Christmas Lights from Old Soda Bottles

Go big or go home!

Christmas is only a month away, which means now is probably a good time to gather all that Christmas decor and get started on decorating your home. The more and bigger the better. You want to make sure you outshine all your neighbors, especially if you have a house. 

TikTok account @geekroomgift shares in their video how you can upcycle soda bottles and create some massive Christmas lights!

These look like a lot of fun to make.

All you need are a few strings of patio LED lights, some plastic pots for plants, a few green pool noodles, and empty soda bottles. Since most soda bottles are either clear or green, you could probably spray-paint the clear ones with blue, red, and yellow paint.

Then, all you need to do is unscrew the LED lightbulb, insert it through the plastic pot, and screw the lightbulb back on, so it's secured. Use some strong glue, place it around the plastic pot, insert the soda bottle, and cut off the top part of the soda bottle.

Lastly, you'd use the pool noodles and wrap the light string in it, so it looks like the real thing. And then you can wrap them around a tree in your backyard. 

Looking at the likes the video received - which is over 80K - it's fair to say that other people on TikTok liked this idea too. 

However, according to the comments, some were concerned about the electricity bill, and others were worried the plastic would melt. But the good news is that LED doesn't produce any heat, therefore this is safe to use. 

Would you try this DIY project? Let us know.

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