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Family Makes Life-Size Silhouettes For Gorgeous Christmas Decorations

This is breathtaking!

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Sometimes you need all hands on deck to accomplish something, and that's what families are for. Especially for the holiday season, it is essential. Such as creating a giant Christmas tree, made entirely out of yarn

Other projects are not as tedious but still time-consuming, such as creating life-size silhouettes made from plywood and holiday string lights. TikTok creator Kim Barber (@barberellahome) did that with the help of her family and the results are stunning.

Despite the fact that it took a while until these silhouettes were accomplished - it was so worth it.

The first step was to draw a template of a pine tree and deers on paper, cut it out and apply it to the plywood, Then use a saw to cut it into shape, screw it together, paint it white, and staple the light strings to the back of it. Lastly, install everything onto the front of the house. And tada you just created a winter wonderland with plywood, paint, and light strings. 

Even if you don't have kids and a spouse to help out, you could totally swing it yourself. This is also an inexpensive DIY project, which doesn't require a lot of material.

The TikTok community seems to also love this Christmas decor DIY project, looking at the comments section.

As one TikToker commented,

"So special and different."

Yes, indeed!

Another person wrote,

"Where do people keep this stuff after the holidays?"

In the garage, of course!

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