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Your Indoor Climbing Plants Need This Circle Support

It seriously looks so cool.
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A question for all the plant parents, lovers, and collectors; what do Pothos, Jasmine, Philodendron, Arrowhead plant, and Monstera all have in common? Yes they are all green, all alive, and all need water… but that's not the answer.

They are all climbing plants! And while many of them don't necessarily need a structure to help support and aid in their climbing, they surely would benefit from one, both aesthetically and physically.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing support structure for your climber you have to check out the circle climbing support TikTok content creation and plant page @kansodesigns recently posted in a video.

The simple circle creates the beautiful element that is unique and breaks up the normal “house plant” look that all your plants got going on.

After planting your climber, insert the circle support behind the front of the plant, and if you plant is already quite long, begin twisting it around the support ring, as it grows more it will secure itself down. If you're starting with a small climber you can use loose ties- such a jute twine- to pin sections of the plant to the ring to encourage the climbing pattern, as it gets older you can also twist sections around the ring.

The commenters on the page loved this idea with one commentator saying “I need this for my ivy plants” and another saying “ohhhhhh. I love!” (we do too).

This would make a great gift for any plant lover in your life, or just something to spoil yourself (and your climber) with!

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