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People Are Amazed at Mom's Museum Worthy 7ft Classical Family Portrait Painting

When you know your family is royalty, you have to lean into it.

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It seems like every mom who peruses Pinterest has the same "concept" for a family photo. They are either on a Christmas tree farm, on the beach, or mysteriously all clad in jean jackets. But if the JCPenney portrait life isn't for you, you might want to steal a page from the book of Rebel Hardy, the wife of wrestler/streamer Matt Hardy, who went above and beyond the typical family portrait.  

The Hardy family picked a theme and super leaned into it. And that theme? Classical royal family portrait. And we don't mean they just got costumes, they went all in. 


Rebel was the one woman show behind this vision. She not only came up with the concept for the shoot, she procured all of the costumes and did the major editing. She studied classical portraits for posing and added in dozens of details to include other family members. The end result looked like something Leonardo DaVinci could have painted. She even posted a tutorial for how she pulled it off. 


The only glaring issue? They've had another daughter since so they need to redo it again. Rebel feels that "photoshopping" her in isn't an option because these portraits are meant to capture a moment in time. So she's genuinely hoping to redo her masterpiece once more for her growing family. 

So if you're ready to leave behind the shot of the family piled on the sand dunes, try out this instead!